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About The Convention

To  reach  the  over  2,000  University  of  Lagos  Alumni   living  in  North America to participate and attend the Atlanta 2023 Convention where we shall  be celebrating our Alma Mater at 60.

To  create  and  increase  global  connections  amongst  Alumni   members and foster networking opportunities for all stakeholders.

This event will foster the following opportunities.:

•  One-on-one   with   the   Vice  Chancellor   to   discuss   issues,   ideas. initiatives and other developments.
•  Attract thinkers,  leaders,  experts,  and  emerging  talents from  North America to contribute to the development of UNI LAG and Nigeria as a whole.
•  Networking and connecting amongst Akokites globally.

•  Learning and new opportunities amongst various professionals

•  Opportunity to show case businesses, talent and any other creativity.

Event Schedule - August 4 - 6

Seminar/Panel Sessions

We shall be having 3 solid seminars and panel sessions. These sessions shall be enriched with valuable content for all members 

Press Conference

An array of journalists and media practitioners shall be present for our Press Conference where we share the value of the Alumni Association to the world


Businesses will be given an opportunity to exhibit their products and services to our high NetWorth alumni members.

Atlanta City Tour

We shall be having a tour of the city of Atlanta and would love to have your brand move along with us.

Register Here

Fill the form below and click the Register Now button to get registered for the forthcoming annual convention of this great association coming up in August 2023.

Thanks for your registration. Please check your email for payment instructions!

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